The Artwork of Richard Gary Butler

The Artwork of Richard Gary Butler

For as long as I can remember, I have been creating works of art, from pencil drawings, wood sculpture, whittling, short stories, poems, essays, calligraphy, pastel paintings, origami, just to name a few. I have created this website to allow me the opportunity to bring my artwork to the public in a way that makes purchasing them much easier. Keep an eye on this website, as it is in the beginning stages of being created and populated with a variety of my art work. I hope that you will purchase some of my artwork too, and join the many people who already have.

I thank you very much for stopping by, and I wish you much Love and Light.

~Richard Gary Butler 

CLICK ON THIS LINK TO PURCHASE 'COME WITH ME' - THE POETRY E-BOOK (NOTE: You will receive a download link in your CONFIRMATION of PURCHASE Message. Please inform me if you do not get this link.)


  • "I am the proud owner of Richard Butler's book "Come with Me", an eloquently written collection of sensual poems representing vibrations of reflection of one of the most importan..."
    Nadine Jessel
    Very satisfied customer
  • "I savor each poem ever so slowly. Your poems are meant to be shared to those in love, those looking for love and those who are just plain curious. God Bless"
    Mimi Rutherford
    Pleased Customer